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Millenium Gallery

This view of Sheffield's Millennium Gallery features "Barking up the Right Tree", a sculpture by Johnny White commissioned by Museums Sheffield in 2000 to celebrate the opening of the Millennium Gallery in 2001.

You can also see another of Johnny's sculptures, Forkocactus Spoonelliflora, commissioned in 2008 to celebrate 10 years of Musuems Sheffield. This is a kinetic donation box - as the coins drop they chime against musical instruments. Johnny has followed the metalwork and cutlery theme of Barking up the Right Tree but has used the plants in the Winter Garden next door as his inspiration for the cactus design. All the money collected in Forkocactus Spoonelliflora supports the work of Museums Sheffield, a registered charity.

The Millennium Gallery houses a world famous collection of cutlery, metal work and silverware in the Metalwork Gallery. Every piece of cutlery covering Barking up the Right Tree was donated by the people of Sheffield.

Johnny White is a local artist who makes sculptures and installations, mostly in steel and stainless steel, and they often involve kinetic elements. Johnny has created a number of sculptures in Sheffield including the large spider on the wall of the Gripple factory in Brightside.

Image Data

Image date 14 Mar 2011
Projection Stereographic
Dimensions (full size) 12,099 pixels x 12,099 pixels (146MP)